Vol. 112 (2021) 

The Art of Sherri Wolfgang




Art was a catharsis to let out what was happening to my family, and through this horrific and tragic journey, painting became my sanity and kept my well-being. It is time to rid families and individuals of the shame caused by the social stigma attached to mental illness and bring awareness to the fact that we all know someone who struggles with this. 

                    -- Painter Sherri Wolfgang on her Crazy Making series.

Artist Sherri Wolfgang is known for her figurative works, which draw upon Renaissance painting traditions and Old Master painting techniques. Her recent work utilizes a wide variety of media, including charcoal, conté, graphite, oil, resins on canvas, paper, and linen, and she has received critical acclaim for her painting series: Crazy Making – on mental illness; Twisted – on cosmetic surgery; Nick.e.lo.de.on – a figurative study of a male dancer; and American Pathos – an examination of millennials' place in society.

Four Series of Paintings by Sherri Wolfgang

She holds a BFA from Carnegie Mellon University, with graduate studies at New York University, and her work has appeared in ​Fine Art Connoisseur​, ​The New York Times​, ​Studio Visit Magazine and ​Hamptons Art Hub,​ and is shown in the permanent collection of Carnegie Mellon University, the Housatonic Museum of Art and has been acquired by public and private collections.

Sherri Wolfgang 

Her studio is in Westport, Connecticut, and she is represented by Dacia Gallery, New York.

"The Young Americans" by Sherri Wolfgang

Stay Thirsty Magazine, however, was deeply and specifically moved by Sherri Wolfgang's work in the area of Bipolar Disorder ("Did You Know?") and how her paintings communicated to those affected by this serious illness of the brain and their families. Her empathy, intellect and extraordinary talent deserved our attention ... and deserves yours, too. Stop. Look. Listen to what her subjects and paintings have to say. It is, in our judgment, more than worth the time.

"Did You Know?" by Sherri Wolfgang



Sherri Wolfgang    


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