Cameron Lickle was Captain of the Naval Academy’s tennis team from 2002 to 2003 and was ranked #1. He was selected to be “Captain of the Captains” by the other sports’ team Captains and was inducted into the Naval Academy Sports Hall of Fame for Men’s Tennis. After graduating from the Academy in 2003, he served five years in the United States Navy as a nuclear engineer, including two tours to the Gulf in support of Operation Iraqi and Enduring Freedom.

Following his years of military service, Lickle met and teamed up with World Champion tennis great Mats Wilander. Together they formed Wilander on Wheels (WOW) and toured the world bringing championship-level tennis and WOW’s brand of tennis instruction to tennis fans.

WOW - Wilander on Wheels

In 2018, Lickle founded WOW Sports, Inc., in order to expand into sports management. Stay Thirsty Magazine was pleased to visit with Cameron Lickle when he was in Palm Beach for these Five Questions about his new venture and his style of management.

STAY THIRSTY: What motivated you to start WOW Sports, Inc. and what is its mission?

CAMERON LICKLE: I realized after seven years of Wilander on Wheels (WOW), it was time to branch out. I have had the great fortune to forge relationships with top tennis stars through my travels. Many of these greats have a strong willingness to do something for the sport of tennis, instead of looking for the sport to do something for them.

WOW Sports mission is to inject adrenaline into our sport and hopefully reinforce everything a tennis player’s coach is teaching. People’s reaction to my program with WOW has been overwhelming and having the opportunity to make tennis fans’ dreams become a reality fuels my soul.

As an ancillary benefit, WOW Sports also specializes in top player coaching and player management with five coaches on staff.

STAY THIRSTY: You have had a long partnership with tennis legend Mats Wilander under the umbrella of Wilander On Wheels (WOW). How is WOW Sports different and what are your goals for the next couple of years?

CAMERON LICKLE: Similar in nature, but different in structure. First, WOW Sports, Inc., stands for “Win Our Way.” I had to keep the name WOW as many people only know me as the “WOW” guy.

WOW Sports, Inc., specializes in tennis experiences that come to your backyard with a plethora of former tennis Champions to choose from. Jimmy Connors, Murphy Jensen, Johan Kriek to name a few, but if you have a request for a specific player, do not hesitate to reach out.

WOW Sports, Inc., flier

Each Champion’s program is specifically created to showcase the strengths of that athlete and to offer the participant an opportunity to enter the minds of these former Champions. Drills have been created that have that Champion hitting with you the entire time. Once the day is done, we have lunch or dinner with all the participants.

My next major goal is to expand to other sports. Still looking for the right athlete though.

STAY THIRSTY: WOW Sports’ first player under management is the Chinese Junior tennis prodigy Mu Tao. What has WOW Sports been able to do for him and how is your management and coaching style applicable to other future tennis champions?

CAMERON LICKLE: It has been a wild ride. I had never actually applied all my World #1 knowledge to someone other than amateur tennis players and decided to try a different route. I signed 18-year-old Chinese Junior Mu Tao last March to an exclusive coaching and management representation contract. I utilized all my experiences with these former Champions and applied what I thought fit best with Tao’s game.

Our initial four-month experience resulted in a Wimbledon Junior Semi-Final appearance. I applied a bit of Mats’ mind, Jimmy’s tenacity and my own opinions to mold him into what I thought brought out his best tennis. It worked. It was great validation.

STAY THIRSTY: You have worked with many of the greatest living tennis players of our day, including Jimmy Connors, Murphy Jensen, Johan Kriek and, of course, Mats Wilander. What are the three most important things you have learned from them?

Cameron Lickle and Mats Wilander

CAMERON LICKLE: 1) Heart gets you to the ball. The mind makes and allows you to recover. The recovery part is what most players need the most work on; 2) None of them (initially) ever set out to be the best in the world. They just set out to be the best they could be. It happened to result in great success. I believe, because of their humbleness, they were able to achieve great results; and, 3) They all taught me how to not miss.

The first rally I ever had with Mats was 54 shots (I missed first). My first rally with Jimmy was 58 shots (I missed first). My first rally with Johan was 47 shots (he missed first).

Make up in your mind not to miss. It took me six years to comprehend and train my brain to achieve this result, but not many people can beat me in a cross-court game these days.

Cameron Lickle at the Las Vegas Open

STAY THIRSTY: What upcoming projects do you have in the pipeline and do you have your eye on any new, young tennis stars?

CAMERON LICKLE: The biggest thing coming down the pipeline besides tennis tours with former Champions is a tennis wearable called NEURO TENNIS. The device is worn on the wrist and provides instantaneous auditory feedback and commands while you play.

Two engineering geniuses and their company, with our collaboration, have conceived a technology that communicates with another (your opponent) to provide oral commands and feedback after you strike the ball, and after your opponent strikes the ball. Commands can be requested at every ball strike, every other or every ten, depending on your customization.

The device comes pre-loaded with 200 commands of the most glaring weaknesses Mats and I have witnessed over the last seven years. Commands and instructions can be edited and customized to your game and can be made using your own voice or your coaches voice. An easy-to-use app for editing your lesson plan also contains videos of Mats and me explaining the commands you are receiving.

We are about six months away from bringing the device to the tennis community, but pre-registration is available. Anything that requires constant repetition requires constant reminders. Revolutionary product!


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