Daniel Ho is a six-time Grammy Award-winning musician, composer, arranger and record producer who was asked by Wind Music (Taiwan) if he would organize and oversee a recording of traditional Mongolian music. For a Hawaiian, based in Los Angeles, it offered a unique opportunity to participate in a cross-cultural musical enterprise with the goal “to leave the original [Mongolian] music untouched, but reframe it in a contemporary way to make it more accessible to audiences around the world.”

Daniel Ho and The Grasslands Ensemble

The result of this effort is an extraordinary album by The Grasslands Ensemble & Daniel Ho entitled, Between the Sky & Prairie. The cast of performers include: Mongolian long song master Hasibatu; Evenk singer Qiqigema; Manchurian vocalist Bayinhehe; "Prince of the Morin Khuur" (horse-head fiddle) Han Mou Ren; and, throat singer Tamir Hargana. In addition, the Ensemble is joined by the Hasar Band, comprised of musicians of varying ethnicities with a mission to carrying on the legacy of folk music through the diversity of backgrounds, vocal techniques, such as throat singing, and instruments including the morin khuur, doshpuluur (long-necked Tuvan lute), tovshuur (Mongolian two-stringed instrument), sheepskin drums and jaw harp.

Between the Sky & Prairie

Working with Taiwanese record producer Wu Judy Chintai, Daniel Ho has created something that Stay Thirsty Magazine believes is quite important in the preservation and outreach of traditional music and is very pleased to present the following three videos that tell the story of this extraordinary project.

Between the Sky & Prairie (I)

Between the Sky & Prairie (II)

Gray Sparrow's Heartache (III)

Daniel Ho


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