Vol. 111 (2021)

Eleanor Dubinsky: Listening & Remembering


Eleanor Dubinsky is a vocalist, guitarist and cellist. NPR called her “a multilingual musician who can capture the emotions and soul of a community in a song.” Originally from St. Louis, she currently lives in New York City, but has spent time in South America, Western and Central Europe, Portugal and Cape Verde. Singing in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese, her music reflects her appreciation of diverse cultures.


A graduate of Brown University, she is a US State Department Arts Envoy and a member of the 2020-21 Gibney Moving Toward Justice Cohort (a fellowship supporting artists working at the intersection of art and social justice). Leading programs in Costa Rica, Argentina and Honduras, she has developed songwriting and professional development workshops for students of all ages. 

Eleanor Dubinsky

Eleanor has performed at Lincoln Center's Boro Linc: La Casita, Philadelphia International Festival For The Arts at the Kimmel Center, Levitt At The Falls (Sioux Falls, SD), 4 + 4 Days In Motion Festival (Prague) and the Puerto Morelos Music Festival (Mexico), and in Costa Rica, Portugal, France, Guatemala, Cape Verde, Greece, the Czech Republic, Uruguay and Senegal. Her music has been featured on MTV, Lifetime and Animal Planet, in ads for American Express and on NPR. She has released three CDs: Touch The Sky (2011), Listen To The Music (2012) and Soft Spot of My Heart (2018).


In 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, Eleanor partnered with Argentine guitar virtuoso Dario Acosta Teich, with whom she has performed over 100 virtual and in-person concerts of jazz, Latin, French and popular music, and performed online concerts for performing arts centers, elementary schools, the US Embassy Tegucigalpa and healthcare workers. 


In spring 2021, Eleanor, Frank Ponzio and Sally Ponzio released Remember Me, a tribute to a mother who lost her son to opioid addiction. Remember Me’s was written to comfort those affected by the loss of a loved one to addiction and to raise awareness about the addiction crisis. To further highlight the need to address these problems, the songwriters partnered with nonprofits Shatterproof and Emily’s Hope to support their respective missions through music.


Stay Thirsty Magazine was drawn to the work of Eleanor Dubinsky because of her exceptional talent and her humanity. To showcase the breadth of her music and the depth of her compassion, we are glad to present two of her videos, Listen To The Music and Remember Me, and to shine an even brighter spotlight on someone you should know.


If you are moved by Eleanor's music, we have provided links below to the nonprofits she supports and encourage donations to these worthy organizations.

Listen To The Music - Eleanor Dubinsky
Remember Me


Eleanor Dubinsky    


Emily's Hope   


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