Emily Stewart plays original songs rooted in the folk, country and blues traditions of the deep South. She first found her voice in a south Alabama church pew as a child, and her vocal style today harkens back to the Southern sirens of old. Her lyrics and melodies, on the other hand, channel the strength of Odetta, the twang of Kitty Wells and the softness of Loretta Lynn.

"Puttin' Up with Squirrel" - Emily Stewart

Based in Greensboro, North Carolina, she has ventured outside her solo project over the years to provide vocals, banjo, guitar, dulcimer, honkelulu and songwriting for other bands, including Magpie Thief, The Secret Admirers, The Grand Ole Uproar, Pete Pawsey, Matty Sheets & The Blockheads and Our Horse Jethro. 

Emily Stewart

She is currently working on a forthcoming album, Blessing Hearts and Taking Names, a compassionate series of vignettes and stories about everyday people, highlighting their wildest circumstances and fiercest emotions.

"Bottom of the Bottle" - Emily Stewart (Performed on a Sunday Serenade)

Stay Thirsty Magazine was thrilled to discover Emily Stewart, to learn about her music, her life, her family, her big heart and her charitable spirit. It is with pride that we name her our THIRSTY DISCOVERY for Fall 2020. To discover Emily Stewart's enormous talent for yourself, tune into her Sunday Serenade streamed live on Facebook and Instagram every Sunday. 



Emily Stewart    

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