Gerald Hausman is an award-winning author and acclaimed storyteller. He is often referred to as today’s Mark Twain. As the coronavirus pandemic ravages the United States and the rest of the world, Stay Thirsty Magazine thought it might be uplifting of spirit and soul if Gerald Hausman read two short pieces from his recent memoir, Little Miracles. A master of the story, he is one of the most kind and caring people on the planet and life from his perspective always delights and informs. True to his character, he was quick to oblige our request.

Gerald Hausman

Therefore, for those in need of a lighter moment in the day, we give you two short pieces from Little Miracles as read by its author.

The first is about Philip Whalen, a prominent member of the San Francisco Beat Renaissance, an American Book Award winner, a college roommate of Gary Snyder, who became a Pulitzer Prize-winning poet, and a close friend of Jack Kerouac, the novelist, poet and pioneer in the Beat Generation. Whalen was one of the most admired, genuinely wise and funny poets in America. He was also a Zen master.

The second is about the time when Gerald Hausman and his wife Lorry lived on Pine Island off the west coast of Florida and Hurricane Charley roared through. “We saw window glass bend in the force of the wind. We saw fish flying through the sky. Everyone in our neighborhood evacuated. We stayed with our animals and got through the worst of it. Something protected our house, the animals, and us.”

Whether it be something mysterious, magical or mystical, Gerald Hausman’s life is filled with experiences, people, animals and stories that make us wonder in amazement.

It is Stay Thirsty Magazine’s privilege to present these two short readings by Gerald Hausman.

"Temporarily Phil" - Read by Gerald Hausman

"Hurricane Charley" - Read by Gerald Hausman


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