Vol. 111 (2021) 

Negative Exposure: A Film about the Dark Side of America




Executive Producer E. Warren Davis and Director/Screenwriter Tony Tite flip the script in their compelling film, Negative Exposure. Nominated for "Independent Film of the Year" (GSM Streamfest) and for "Best Screenplay" (International Christian Film and Music Festival), it was also endorsed by the National Black Caucus of State Legislators. Shot entirely in Columbia, S.C., where Davis is the Bishop of the Word of God Church and Ministries International, the film portrays today's racial, religious and ethnic tensions by turning life inside out. In Negative Exposure, the poor and disadvantaged are white, and the cops are black. With a faith-based purpose, the filmmakers strive to spark discussion about poverty, gang violent and police brutality.

Negative Exposure - movie poster

Stay Thirsty Magazine is pleased to highlight the efforts of Bishop Davis and Director Tite to get people's attention about these serious and deeply entrenched social issues. We include the film's trailer below in order to help keep the conversation moving ahead.


Negative Exposure - Trailer



Negative Exposure

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