The Scandinavian group SVER plays instrumental folk music with the energy of a rock band and the elegance of a chamber group. Featuring Nordic and traditional fiddles, SVER (the name translates as “grand”) features two Norwegians, Olav Luksengård Mjelva (fiddle and hardanger fiddle, Norway’s national instrument) and Leif Ingvar Ranøien (accordion), and three musicians from Sweden: Anders Hall (fiddle and viola), Adam Johansson (guitar) and Jens Linell (drums and percussion).

SVER in concert

SVER’s music is firmly rooted in Norwegian and Swedish folk music, but the group also draws freely from American bluegrass and jazz to rock, pop and dancehall. With four albums to their credit, SVER’s most recent is entitled, Reverie (2018).

SVER - Reverie

This past month, the group completed their fourth U.S. tour in the United States and was joined for several shows in New England by singer, composer and international recording artist, Moira Smiley.

SVER in concert with Moira Smiley

Stay Thirsty Magazine is pleased to feature SVER not only because of their musicianship, but also because of the uplifting and infectious spirit their music engenders.

SVER - Mysoxen by Olav L. Mjelva

(SVER concert photo credit: Anbjørg Myhra Bergwitz)


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