The Jerry Cans come from Nunavut in the Canadian Arctic. Their new release, Inuusiq (“Life”) reflects the sounds of their homeland and their Inuit culture. The members of the group are: Andrew Morrison (Vocals/Guitar), Nancy Mike (Accordion/Throat Singing). Gina Burgess (Violin), Brendan Doherty (Bass) and Steve Rigby (Drums).

NANCY MIKE: We wanted to pay homage to the natural sounds of our life. But we also want it to be clear that we listen to Bob Marley and stream pop tracks. We have opinions about popular music. Sometimes, that’s challenging for people to hear. We try to bring modern sounds to folk forms. When we’re addressing young people and their challenges, we try to make music that balances traditional and modern life.

ANDREW MORRISON: We are very happy to talk about what’s happening between indigenous and non-indigenous communities. There’s a big historical shift that’s underway. The music can be hard to understand, but it gives an access point to a really brilliant, beautiful culture.

From the earthiness of throat singing to the Celtic fiddle, The Jerry Cans are breaking new and important ground in celebrating their Inuit culture in a modern way and in speaking out for other indigenous people in their native Canada. For those reasons and for their original music, Stay Thirsty Magazine is proud to name them our SPOTLIGHT ARTISTS for Summer 2017.


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