Vol. 112 (2021)

Grammy-Nominated Tonality & 

Alexander Lloyd Blake





Tonality, the Los Angeles-based vocal ensemble with a mission to deliver authentic stories through voice and body in order to foster change, understanding and dialogue, is credited with a nomination for a 2022 Grammy Award in the Best Arrangement, Instruments and Vocals category. This award-winning choral group, founded in 2016 by Dr. Alexander Lloyd Blake, seeks to connect people with a shared humanity through song. Established with the idea that we are all one people, Tonality performs pieces in various languages and musical styles in an effort to unify their Greater Los Angeles Area community through social outreach and to serve as a beacon of peace, empathy and justice.


The Grammy nomination specifically is for the song "A Change Is Gonna Come" from the album America Will Be and is arranged by Tehillah Alphonso of Tonality. Created in the midst of the global pandemic of 2020, with people sequestered in their homes, "this music brings voice to the most vulnerable – to lift them up, to reflect on the reality of our society, and to sing about peace and unity," according to Tonality.

Tonality in performance


Stay Thirsty Magazine is proud to present this extraordinary and inspiring video of the song, "A Change is Gonna Come," by an ensemble that has no upper limit on what it can accomplish. 

(Alexander Lloyd Blake photo: credit Mathew Ian Welch)



Alexander Lloyd Blake


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