Vol. 112 (2021)

A Conversation with International Bestselling 
Author Trisha Posner




International bestselling author Patricia Posner visited with Dusty Sang, Publisher of Stay Thirsty Magazine, earlier this year on Clubhouse for Stay Thirsty Presents: Conversations with Fascinating People. Her latest book, The Pharmacist of Auschwitz, was called, "Shocking. Revelatory. Compelling. A truly authentic and riveting read. A milestone in WWII and Holocaust history," by London's Sunday Times bestselling author Damien Lewis of The Nazi Hunters.

A British-born writer, Posner has collaborated with her husband, famed investigative author Gerald Posner, on 12 non-fiction books, including Mengele: The Complete Story – a biography of Dr. Josef Mengele; Hitler’s Children – a 1991 collection of interviews with the children of Nazi perpetrators; God’s Bankers – a financial history of the Roman Catholic Church, and most recently, Pharma  Greed, Lies and the Poisoning of America. She is also the author of No Hormones, No Fear and her shorter work has appeared in the Miami Herald, The Daily Beast and Salon.

Trisha & Gerald Posner


Stay Thirsty Magazine was honored to have had this opportunity to chat with Trisha Posner about her important Holocaust book, her process and her life.


The following is the recording of Trisha Posner's conversation with Dusty Sang. 

A Conversation with Author Trisha Posner on Clubhouse


Trisha Posner

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