By S. I. Wells
Senior Columnist

To know exactly what President Donald Trump is up to, I offer the following overview written by a wise man:

“The main thesis … is simple. Man is a fighting animal; therefore the nation, being a community of fighters, is a fighting unit. Any living organism which ceases to fight for its existence is doomed to extinction. A country or race which ceases to fight is equally doomed.

… Pacifism is the deadliest sin, for it means the surrender of the race in the fight for existence. The first duty of every country is therefore to nationalise the masses. Intelligence in the case of the individual is not of first importance; will and determination are the prime qualities. The individual who is born to command is more valuable than countless thousands of subordinate natures. 

Only brute force can ensure the survival of the race; hence the necessity for military forms. The race must fight; a race that rests must rust and perish.… A race which has suffered defeat can be rescued by restoring its self-confidence. Above all things the army must be taught to believe in its own invincibility … [T]he people must be convinced that the recovery of freedom by force of arms is possible. 

The aristocratic principle is fundamentally sound. Intellectualism is undesirable. The ultimate aim of education is to produce a [man] who can be converted with the minimum of training into a soldier. 

The greatest upheavals in history would have been unthinkable had it not been for the driving force of fanatical and hysterical passions. Nothing could have been effected by the bourgeois virtues of peace and order. 

The world is now moving towards such an upheaval.… Foreign policy may be unscrupulous. It is not the task of diplomacy to allow a nation to founder heroically, but rather to see that it can prosper and survive.

Such were the ‘granite pillars’ of his policy.”

-- Winston S. Churchill

From Winston Churchill’s book, The Gathering Storm, on understanding Adolph Hitler’s policies as set forth in his manifesto, Mein Kampf.



S. I. Wells has worked in foreign diplomacy and is a Senior Columnist for Stay Thirsty Magazine.

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