Vol. 111 (2021)

The Verdigris Ensemble's NFT



The Verdigris Ensemble's mission is to enrich, inspire and invest in music, musicians, projects, education and the local community. They have been called, "One of the most innovative chamber choirs ...." Their recent leading-edge project, entitled Betty's Notebook, is the first digital art of its kind sold as a non-fungible token (NFT) – an authenticated digital collectible that uses blockchain technology to preserve the piece and make it transferable. Betty's Notebook takes the listener back through time as if one is tuning a radio jumping from jazz to radio static to the distant SOS calls of a woman who would never be seen again. Experience the final radio transmissions of Amelia Earhart as her plane disappeared in 1937.

Betty's Notebook - details

The NFT movement for collectibles is still in its infancy and is rapidly evolving. Despite that, Verdigris Betty's Notebook, consisting of a master and four "stems" of programmable music, sold on Async Art's platform last May for an astounding $375,000.

Betty's Notebook - mechanics

The debate whether NFT's are a true, new avenue for collectors of art, music, film, objects, memorabilia, etc., rages today as the economic and collectible worlds try to get their arms around the meaning and durability of the crypto/digital age.


Stay Thirsty Magazine wanted to involve people in this discussion, and we thought by highlighting what one Texas choral ensemble was able to create, present and market would be a very good place to start.

Apart from their NFT project, we are pleased to present an excerpt of Verdigris' video, entitled SOLUNA 2019: Faces of Dallas, that synthesizes the poetry of local writers with visual artwork in order to further showcase the talent and creativity of this group.

SOLUNA 2019: Faces of Dallas (excerpt)



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