By Susan Orlando
Guest Columnist
Paris, France

[Stay Thirsty Magazine asked Susan Orlando to briefly comment on the extraordinary artistry of the cover art for the Vivaldi Edition recordings. Each CD cover is based on a photograph by Parisian photographer Denis Rouvre. Orlando is the Artistic Director for the Vivaldi Edition project that is dedicated to recording 450 compositions by Antonio Vivaldi.]
I can't honestly speak about what inspires photographer Denis Rouvre, but once provided with our brief descriptions of each recording project, he takes it from there.

The covers of the great majority of CDs in the Vivaldi Edition depict females in a variety of creative guises. The most immediate connection that comes to mind is the orphaned girls from the La Pietà Institute in Venice who made up Vivaldi's famous orchestra and for whom much of his music was composed.

The story line of opera librettos gives Denis Rouvre something more for his imagination to work with then do the many concertos. The cover of Il Giustino, for example, depicts a woman in medieval chain mail armor, perhaps suggestive of the opera's heroine who follows the man she loves onto the battlefield.

Covers of sacred music, however, tend to depict more sober attire as on the album In furore or Gloria.

The concerto recordings present the greatest challenge. With little to go on from titles such as “Concerti per archi II” or "Concerti per violino V ‘Per Pisendel,’” Denis is left completely to his own wild imaginings, the results of which have never let us down.

Like Vivaldi, Denis’ creative genius appears to be boundless. A glance through the sixty some covers on our website tells it all.


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