As tensions in the United States rise, the issues of self and sanity seem to be very much on people’s minds. Author and journalist S. I. Wells in his book, 30 Words – That Will Change Your Life, offers a new way to tap into one’s inner being. Wells has been a senior columnist for Stay Thirsty Magazine for a decade and has written on subjects as diverse as politics, privacy and public health. While his home is in the Midwest, he spends his time traveling the country talking to people about their lives, their problems and their aspirations. Stay Thirsty Magazine was pleased to sit down with him to discuss his latest book.

STAY THIRSTY: In your new book, 30 Words – That Will Change Your Life, you say these thirty words have unusual power. What is that power and where does it come from?

S. I. WELLS: The power comes from within each person. 30 Words is just the vehicle that unlocks a person’s inner being and makes it bubble to the surface of their consciousness. I am not telling people to change into something they are not, but rather, I am presenting each person with the tools to do the work themselves.

STAY THIRSTY: How did you select these words and what was your rationale?

S. I. WELLS: When you walk this earth for seventy years, you see things, hear things, learn from experiences and come to understand the humanity in each of us.

STAY THIRSTY: What makes your book appropriate for the times in which we are currently living?

S. I. WELLS: Times of stress and disruption cause people to be anxious about their lives, their families and their futures. Ideas that present new perspectives help unload the mental pollution that overwhelms us in an age where things happen so quickly.

STAY THIRSTY: How have these words helped you in your life?

S. I. WELLS: Some have been more helpful to me than others. The ones that helped really helped. Finding my center and keeping it is the challenge in a too busy life.

STAY THIRSTY: What should be people expect to get out of reading your book?

S. I. WELLS: They should expect nothing. Expectation is riddled with disappointment. They should come to this book with an open mind and let it guide them along a path. Finding their individual way will come as these words and their respective ideas sink in over time. Cancel your expectations and live in the here and now. Be present in your life and let your mind, spirit and soul do the work for you.

S. I. Wells    


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