The following quotes are from the Winter 2018 edition of Stay Thirsty Magazine. Thoughtful words from accomplished people from their unique perspectives.

TINA TURNER: I feel strongly that it's time for us to move beyond the division, into a greater spiritual connection and mutual recognition. Music is the most universal language to unite us all.

FRANK GALATI: I am drawn to Ionesco's Rhinoceros because, like the sudden silence of a canary in a mineshaft, it is a warning. It sounds an alarm. It signals that the atmosphere has become lethal.

JOSHUA BELL: I definitely plan to write a violin sonata at some point, so as you can imagine, when I start really concentrating on composition, this will be an ideal tool [the virtual violin].

GREER HENDRICKS: Our original concept was an intellectual one: how our memories are colored by the lenses through which we view our worlds – and how people can share an experience, but carry away markedly different perspectives and emotions.

SARAH PEKKANEN: We are so in tune when it comes to our approaches to writing, and we both find collaborating to be energizing. 

PAUL ANNACONE: I live in a collaborative environment so I am very fortunate to continue to learn from so many people.

ARCMANORO NILES: I want the light to be embedded in the image, to appear like it’s coming from within the figurers, like the canvas has a life of its own. 

STEPHANIE CHASE: For a musician, to learn and understand the composer’s intentions is of utmost importance. 

RALPH FRIEDMAN: Not all lives matter.

MICHAEL KERKER: The goal for the program was to help educate students on the process of creating musicals and hopefully inspire future writers and performers of this art form. 

THOMAS DOLBY: Still, I respect people who were part of a movement, and sometimes I envy them. 

S. I. WELLS: Ideas that present new perspectives help unload the mental pollution that overwhelms us in an age where things happen so quickly.

CAROLINE CAMOUGIS: Scofield Thayer has been a footnote in the history of the transformation of culture in America for almost a century. In this movie – the first about him – we’ll finally tell his story. 

JERRY BOWEN: My hope is that wiser heads will prevail and that the diplomacy given such little respect by this administration will be used to find a solution. My grandson’s future depends on it. He shouldn’t be asking me about nuclear missiles.

JAY FOX: Future generations will no doubt stare back in wonder at our time.

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